Pierre MAURAGE [CV-English]

FNRS Research Associate / Professor

+ 32 (0) 10 47 48 04

Research domains

  • Population: Alcohol-dependence and binge drinking.
  • Topics: Emotional, interpersonal and cognitive (attention, executive functions) processes.
  • Tools: Behavioural and neuroscience (EEG, ERPs, fMRI) measures.
  • Other domains: Emotional processing in psychiatric (schizophrenia) and neurological (Huntington Disease) states; crossmodal integration; olfaction

Selected recent publications

(see CV or Google scholar citations report or Research Gate profile for the full publication list)

  • Bollen, Z., Masson, N., Salvaggio, S., D’Hondt, F., & Maurage, P. (2020). Craving is everything: An eye-tracking exploration of attentional bias in binge drinking. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 34(6), 636-647. [pdf]
  • Bollen, Z., Pabst, A., Creupelandt, C., Fontesse, S., Lannoy, S., Pinon, N., & Maurage, P. (2021). Prior drinking motives predict alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 lockdown: A cross-sectional online survey among Belgian college students. Addictive Behaviors, In press.
  • Creupelandt, C., D’Hondt, F., de Timary, P., Falagiarda, F., Collignon, O., & Maurage, P. (2021). Selective visual and crossmodal impairement in the discrimination of anger and fear expressions in severe alcohol use disorder. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 213, 108079. [pdf]
  • Fontesse, S., Stinglhamber, F., Demoulin, S., Chevallereau, T., de Timary, P., Cappeliez, B., Bon, F., Geus, C., Talent, J., Ayache, L., & Maurage, P. (2020). Metadehumanization in severe alcohol-use disorders: links with fundamental needs and clinical outcomes. Addictive Behaviors, 107, 106425. [pdf]
  • Lannoy, S., Dormal, V., Billieux, J., Brion, M., D’Hondt, F., & Maurage, P. (2020). A dual-process exploration of binge drinking: evidence through behavioral and electrophysiological findings. Addiction Biology, 25, e12685. [pdf]
  • Pabst, A., Peyroux, E., Rolland, B., de Timary, P., & Maurage, P. (2020). Hostile attribution bias in severe alcohol use disorder. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 129, 176-180. [pdf]
  • Maurage, P., Masson, N., Bollen, Z., & D’Hondt, F. (2020). Eye tracking correlates of acute alcohol consumption: A systematic and critical review. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 108 , 400-422. [pdf]
  • Maurage, P., Pabst, A., Lannoy, S., D’Hondt, F., de Timary, P., Gaudelus, B., & Peyroux, E. (2021). Tackling heterogeneity: Individual variability of emotion decoding deficits in severe alcohol use disorder. Journal of Affective Disorders, 279, 299-307. [pdf]

PhD students and Post-Docs


  • Clinical Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (LPSYS2736)