Alice Laniepce

Alice Laniepce
Postdoctoral Researcher
ARC Grant Holder
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Supervisor : Pierre Maurage

Research domains

During my PhD (supervised by Dr. Anne-Lise Pitel and Dr. Géraldine Rauchs, Caen, France), my research topic focuses on improving the understanding of sleep disturbances in Severe Alcohol Use Disorder (SAUD), although they play an important role in the relapse of drinking after detoxifications. I acquired an in-depth expertise in the exploration of subjective and objective sleep abnormalities in SAUD patients, as well as on their relationships with alcohol-related brain and cognitive (memory and executive functions) impairments.

My current postdoctoral stay at the UCLouvain (supervised by Pr. Pierre Maurage) aims at developing my knowledge about functional neuroimaging and socio-affective processes in SAUD patients, by studying the functional brain correlates of metadehumanisation in healthy controls and SAUD patients.

  • Population: Severe alcohol use disorder patients, Korsakoff’s syndrome patients, healthy young and older adults.
  • Tools: Sleep assessment (questionnaires, actigraphy and polysomnography), neuropsychological assessment, neuroimaging (Structural and functional MRI, PET-scan)
  • Other domains: Alcohol-induced sleep disturbances, alcohol-related brain and cognitive alterations, alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Keys publications

  • Laniepce, A.,. Modifications du sommeil associées à la consommation chronique et excessive d’alcool : liens avec les altérations cérébrales structurales et les troubles cognitifs. Thèse Psychologie. Normandie Université, 2019. Français. ffNNT : 2019NORMC039ff. fftel-03049731f
  • Laniepce, A., Lahbairi, N., Cabé, N., Pitel, A.-L., & Rauchs, G. (2021). Contribution Of Sleep Disturbances To The Heterogeneity Of Cognitive And Brain Alterations In Alcohol Use Disorder. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 58, 101435.
  • Laniepce, A., Cabé, N., André, C., Bertran, F., Boudehent, C., Lahbairi, N., … Pitel, A.-L. (2020). The effect of alcohol withdrawal syndrome severity on sleep, brain and cognition. Brain Communications, 2(2).
  • Laniepce A, Segobin S, Lannuzel C, Boudehent C, Ritz L, Urso L, Vabret F, Eustache F, Beaunieux H, Rauchs G, Pitel A (2019) Neuropsychological and Neuroimaging Examinations of Self‐Reported Sleep Quality in Alcohol Use Disorder With and Without Korsakoff’s Syndrome. Alcohol Clinical Experimental Research 43:952–964.
  • Cabé, N., Laniepce, A., & Pitel, A. L. (2021). Physical activity: A promising adjunctive treatment for severe alcohol use disorder. Addictive Behaviors, 113, 106667.
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Keys scientific communications

  • Laniepce, A. Sommeil, Addiction, Cognition. Forum de la société de Neuropsychologie de Langue Française (2 décembre 2020).
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