About LEP

Université Catholique de LouvainThe Laboratory for Experimental Psychopathology (LEP) is specialized in the elucidation of the psychological processes (cognitive, affective, motivational, interpersonal) involved in the development and maintenance of psychopathological states (especially addictive behaviours and emotional disorders), as well as the development of psychological interventions targeting the incriminated processes (e.g., cognitive and attentional bias, self-control, mental imagery).

We are also interested in the identification of psychological process shared by the various psychopathological states (i.e. a transdiagnostic approach of psychopathology), in the development of these psychopathological states (e.g. binge drinking habits among adolescents) and on the influence of biological factors involved in this development (e.g. stress or inflammatory factors). Our approach of experimental psychopathology is inspired by complementary theoretical backgrounds and methodologies (e.g., social and affective neurosciences, cognitive and behavioural psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychopathology).