The Laboratory for Experimental Psychopathology (LEP) is a lab whose members’ interests are in the elucidation of the psychological processes (cognitive, affective, motivational, interpersonal) involved in the development and maintenance of psychological disorders (especially anxiety, mood, and addiction disorders) as well as in the development of psychological and biological interventions targeting the incriminated processes (e.g., executive control, perfectionism, rumination).  The LEP includes members from both the Psychological Sciences Research Institute and the Institute of Neuroscience of UCLouvain.

LEP’s research agendas also focus on the identification of psychological processes shared by various psychological disorders (i.e., a transdiagnostic approach to psychopathology), in the role of these processes in the instigation of disorders (e.g., the role of executive control in binge drinking habits among adolescents), and on the elucidation of the neurobiological mechanisms of these processes  (e.g., neural activity,  inflammatory responses). LEP’s approach to experimental psychopathology is inspired by complementary theoretical and methodological backgrounds (e.g., cognitive and affective neurosciences; cognitive, social, and behavioral psychology, clinical psychology; neuropsychology).