Ph.D. student
FNRS Grant Holder

Supervisor : Pierre Maurage

Research domains

  • Topic of Interest: How low-level visuo-perceptive processes interact with cognition and emotion (Vision and perception; Vision-emotion interactions; Visual and affective predictions)
  • Population: Alcohol-dependent and healthy individuals
  • Tools: Behavioral and electrophysiological (ERPs) measures


  • Rolland, B., Dricot, L., Creupelandt, C., Maurage, P., & De Timary, P. (2020). Respective influence of current alcohol consumption and duration of heavy drinking on brain morphological alterations in alcohol use disorder. Addiction Biology, 25(2), e12751.
  • Creupelandt, C., D’Hondt, F., de Timary, P., Falagiarda, F., Collignon, O., & Maurage, P. (2020). Selective visual and crossmodal impairment in the discrimination of anger and fear expressions in severe alcohol use disorder. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 213, 108079.
  • Creupelandt, C., D’Hondt, F., & Maurage, P. (2019). Towards a Dynamic Exploration of Vision, Cognition and Emotion in Alcohol-Use Disorders. Current Neuropharmacology, 17(6), 492–506.