Pierre MAURAGE [CV-English] FNRS Research Associate / Professor

+ 32 (0) 10 47 48 04

Research domains
  • Population: Alcohol-dependence and binge drinking.
  • Topics: Emotional, interpersonal and cognitive (attention, executive functions) processes.
  • Tools: Behavioural and neuroscience (EEG, ERPs, fMRI) measures.
  • Other domains: emotional processing in psychiatric (schizophrenia) and neurological (Huntington Disease) states; crossmodal integration; olfaction

Selected recent publications
    (see CV or Google scholar citations report or Research Gate profile for the full publication list)

  • Maurage, P., D’Hondt, F., de Timary, P., Mary, C., Franck, F., & Peyroux, E. (2016). Dissociating affective and cognitive Theory of Mind in recently detoxified alcohol-dependent individuals. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, In press. [pdf]
  • Brion, M., D’Hondt, F., Davidoff, D., & Maurage, P. (2016). Beyond cognition: understanding affective impairments in Korsakoff syndrome. Emotion Review, In press. [pdf]
  • D’Hondt, F., & Maurage, P. (2016). Electrophysiological studies in Internet addiction: A review within the dual-process framework. Addictive Behaviors, In press. [pdf]
  • Grynberg, D., de Timary, P., Philippot, P., D’Hondt, F., Briane, Y., Devynck, F., Douilliez, C., Billieux, J., Heeren, A., & Maurage, P. (2016). Abstract and concrete repetitive thinking modes in alcohol-dependence. Journal of Addictive Diseases, In press. [pdf]
  • Kornreich, C., Petit, G., Rolin, H., Ermer, E., Campanella, S., Verbanck, P., & Maurage, P. (2016). Decoding of non-verbal language in alcoholism: a perception or a labeling problem? Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 30, 175-183. [pdf]
    PhD students and Post-Docs

    • Advances in Neuroscience (LPSYS2927)
    • Clinical Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (LPSYS2736)

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