Vincent DETHIER [CV]

UCL Teaching assistant and Phd student
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
+32 (0) 10 47 41 22


Pierre Philippot

Research domains
  • Psychological processes involved in Internet and Gaming related Disorders
  • Attentional Focus in Exposure Therapy: Focusing vs Distraction
  • Underlying Mechanisms in Exposure Therapy
  • Psychological Processes involved in Anxious and Depressive Disorders: Evaluation and Intervention
  • Attentional Bias in Smokers


Processes Assesment Protocol (EN)Protocole d’évaluation des processus (FR)
Linkedin Profile

  • Psychological Assessment and Intervention in Individual Settings (LPSYS2730)
  • Seminar on Psychological Testing (LPSYS2006)


(See Google Scholar Citations and Researchgate profile)

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