Caroline QUOILIN

Caroline Quoilin
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Research domains

  • Population: Patients suffering from alcohol use disorder or behavioral addiction.
  • Topics: Cognitive and cerebral processes in addiction.
  • Tools: Transcranial magnetic stimulation, magnetic resonance imaging, neuropsychological tasks and virtual reality.

Selected recent publications

  • Quoilin C, Dricot L, Genon S, de Timary P, Duque J. (2021). Neural bases of inhibitory control: Combining transcranial magnetic stimulation and magnetic resonance imaging in alcohol-use disorder patients. NeuroImage, 224, 117435.
  • Quoilin C, Grandjean J, Duque J. (2020). Considering motor excitability during action preparation in gambling disorder: A transcranial magnetic stimulation study. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11, 639.
  • Grandjean J, Quoilin C, Duque J. (2019). Investigating the effect of anticipating a startling acoustic stimulus on preparatory inhibition. Clinical Neurophysiology, 49(2), 137-147.
  • Quoilin C, Fievez F, Duque J. (2019). Preparatory inhibition: Impact of choice in reaction time tasks. Neuropsychologia, 129, 212-222.
  • Quoilin C, Wilhelm E, Maurage P, de Timary P, Duque J. (2018). Deficient inhibition in alcohol-dependence: Let’s consider the role of the motor system! Neuropsychopharmacology, 43(9), 1851-1858
  • Quoilin C, Lambert J, Jacob B, Klein PA, Duque J. (2016). Comparison of Motor Inhibition in Variants of the Instructed-Delay Choice Reaction Time Task. PLoS One, 11(8), e0161964.
  • Quoilin C, Derosiere G. (2015). Global and Specific Motor Inhibitory Mechanisms during Action Preparation. The Journal of Neuroscience, 35(50), 16297-16299.