Alexandre HEEREN

Alexandre HEEREN 
Professor — FNRS Research associate

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Affiliations: Psychological Science Research Institute and Institute of Neuroscience



Research domains
  • Topics: Attentional and executive processes in anxiety and related psychopathology; Investigation of potential transdiagnostic “bridges” across disorders (e.g., attentional and executive mechanisms, brain alterations, avoidance, rumination; affiliative system); Translational research (e.g., neuromodulation, cognitive training, CBT)
  • Methods: Self-report, reaction-time, psychophysiology, neuromodulation, fMRI, clinical trials, and computational network approaches.
  • Other domains: network analysis;  data science; research methodology; meta-analysis; affective neuroscience; addiction; neuropsychology

Five recent representative publications:

(see CV or Google Scholar citations report or ResearchGate profile for the full publications list)

  • Heeren, A., Jones, P. J., & McNally, R. J. (2018). Mapping network connectivity among symptoms of social anxiety and comorbid depression in people with social anxiety disorder. Journal of Affective Disorders, 228, 75-82.
  • Heeren, A., Billieux, J., Philippot, P., de Raedt, R., Baeken, C., de Timary, P., Maurage, P., & Vanderhasselt, M.-A. (2017). Impact of transcranial direct current stimulation on attentional bias for threat: A proof-of-concept study among individuals with social anxiety disorder. Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience, 12, 2, 251-260.
  • Bernstein, E.E., Heeren, A., & McNally, R.J. (2017). Unpacking rumination and executive control: A network perspective. Clinical Psychological Science, 5, 816-826.
  • Heeren, A., Dricot, L., Billieux, J., Philippot, P., Grynberg, D., de Timary, P., & Maurage, P. (2017). Correlates of social exclusion in social anxiety disorder: An fMRI study. Scientific Reports — Nature, 7, 260.
  • Heeren, A. & McNally, R.J. (2016). An integrative network approach to social anxiety disorder: The complex dynamic interplay among attentional bias for threat, attentional control, and symptoms. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 42, 95-104.

  • Complex dynamic approach to cognitive, behavioral, and social phenomena (including an introduction to graph theory, complex dynamic systems, and R/Python programming) [UCL/ LPSYS2168]
  • Advanced topics in Experimental Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology [Université de Poitiers/ Master 2 (track: Research in Psychological Sciences)]