Processes Assessment Protocol – Charter Use

This charter concerns the processes assesment protocol interface developed by Céline Baeyens (Université de Grenoble), Martine Bouvard (Université de Savoie), Vincent Dethier et Pierre Philippot (Université catholique de Louvain). This interface allows to assess of psychological processes among patients suffering from anxious and depressive disorders. It also allows to analyze and communicate the results to the patients in a simple and graphical way. It offers a precious tool for case formulation. Finally, it allows to evaluate changes across time.

This interface is made freely available to the therapist that request it. As a counterpart, we request the authorization to use the results for research purpose. The users should be aware of two points that require attention and commitment:

1. The collected data will be processed anonymously for research purpose. At the beginning of questionnaires, the patients will be asked to give an informed consent. Please also inform them beforehand explicitly about this. For your information, the informed consent is provided below.

2. The users are committed to provide diagnostic information in regard to each patient

In subscribing this chart, you commit yourself in respecting those two points.




You are about to fill in questionnaires assessing psychological processes. Your answers will help your therapist to establish in a comprehensive way your functioning mode in the domain of emotion. It is important to answer as sincerely as possible. Whenever some questions are a matter of concern to you, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your therapist during the next session. Filling in the questionnaires takes approximately two hours. Therefore, the possibility is offered to complete the questionnaires in several sessions. It means that you can stop, save your answers, and finish later on.


This protocol is part of a research program aiming at validating clinical instruments. Your answers will be recorded anonymously and used for research purpose. In order to allow your therapist to access your answers, a code composed of your initials and birthdate will be requested. This code will only be used for this purpose and deleted in the further steps of data processing in order to protect anonymity. This research project implies several researchers from Belgian and French Universities : Pierre Philippot, Vincent Dethier, Martine Bouvard and Céline Bayens. For more information about this research, please contact You may interrupt your participation at any time. However, beware that in this case your therapist won’t be able to have a full assessment of the psychological processes. By clicking “Next”, you give your informed consent in regard to the fact that your data will be used for research purpose. If however, you prefer your data not to be used for research purpose, please request it to