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Research domains

  • Cognitive emotion regulation in normal and abnormal behaviour
  • Evaluative and attentional biases in processing nonverbal behaviour
  • Mindfulness based interventions
  • Physical activity and health


  • Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical psychology of emotion
  • Coordinator of the post-graduate psychotherapy training

Key publications

  • Neumann, A., & Philippot, P. (2007). Emotional feeling intensity as a function of the type of information activated during the specification of an autobiographical memory. Emotion, 7, 566-578.
  • Philippot, P., & Brutoux, F. (2008). Induced Rumination Dampens Executive Processes in Dysphoric Young Adults. Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 39, 219-227.
  • Philippot, P., Vrielynck, N., & Muller, V. (2010). Cognitive Processing Specificity of Anxious Apprehension: Impact on Distress and Performance during Speech Exposure. Behavior Therapy, 41, 575-586.
  • Heeren, A., Reese, H. A., McNally, R. J., & Philippot, P. (2012). Attention training toward and away from threat in social phobia: Effects on subjective, behavioral, and physiological measures of anxiety. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 50, 30-39.
  • Philippot, P., Nef, F., Clauw, L., de Romr√©e, M., & Segal, Z. (2012). A Randomized controlled trial of mindfulness based cognitive therapy for treating tinnitus. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, in press.