Julie Duqué
Julie DUQUE [Website] Professor

+ 32 (0) 2 764 54 29

Research domains
  • Neuroscience of movement control and decision making with a special interest for the brain mechanisms underlying the integration of cognition into action planning
  • Role of inhibitory mechanisms in action planning as measured using transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Inhibition and addiction in alcohol-dependent patients
  • EEG investigations of the interactions between selective attention and response selection during action-based decision making


At the Catholic University of Louvain

  • Neurophysiology and neuropsychology of motor control (IEPR 1024), Motor science and biomedical Engineering students, UCL, 2012-2013 (30h)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (KINE1006), 1st year Physiotherapist students, UCL, 2010-2013 (30 h)
  • Research Methods (KINE 1300), 3rd year Physiotherapist students, UCL, 2010-2013 (22 h)

Key publications
  • Klein PA, Olivier E, Duque J. Influence of reward on corticospinal excitability during movement preparation, Journal of Neuroscience 2012;32(50):18124-18136.
  • Duque J, Labruna L, Verset S, Olivier E, Ivry RB. Dissociating the role of prefrontal and premotor cortices in controlling inhibitory mechanisms during motor preparation, Journal of Neuroscience 2012;32(3):806-16.
  • Duque J, Lew D, Mazzocchio R, Olivier E, Ivry RB. Evidence for two concurrent inhibitory mechanisms during response preparation. Journal of Neuroscience2010, 30(10):3793-802.
  • Duque J, Ivry RB. Role of corticospinal suppression during motor preparation. Cerebral Cortex 2009; 19(9), 2013-24.
  • Duque J, Hummel F, Celnik PA, Murase N, Mazzocchio R, Cohen LG. Transcallosal inhibition in chronic subcortical stroke. NeuroImage2005, 28(4), 940-946.