Affiliations: Psychological Science Research Institute

contact: celine.douilliez@uclouvain.be

+32 (0)10 47 44 00


Research domains
  • Topics: perfectionism as a vulnerability factor for psychopathological states: investigation of the underlying mechanisms (e.g., negative repetitive thinking; goal-regulation)
  • Methods: self-report questionnaires; behavioural measures
  • Other domains: repetitive negative thinking as a transdiagnostic process

Key publications:
  • Douilliez, C., & Lefèvre, F. (2011). Interactive effect of perfectionism dimensions on depressive symptoms: A reply to Gaudreau and Thompson (2010). Personality and Individual Differences, 50, 1141-1151.
  • Di Schiena, R. Luminet, O., Philippot, P., & Douilliez, C. (2012). Adaptive and maladaptive perfectionism in depression: Preliminary evidence on the role of adaptive and maladaptive rumination. Personality and Individual Differences, 53, 574-578.
  • Rivière, J. & Douilliez, C. (2017). Perfectionism, rumination, and gender are related to symptoms of eating disorders: A moderated mediation model. Personality and Individual Differences, 116, 63-68.
  • Rivière, J., Rousseau, A., & Douilliez, C., (2018). Effects of induced rumination on body dissatisfaction: Is there any difference between men and women? Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 61, 1-6.

PhD students
  • Bérénice Delors [co-promotor]
  • Alice Verschuren [co-promotor]
  • Julie Rivière [University of Lille, co-promotor]

  • Clinical psychology (LPSP1201 – LPSYS2743)
  • General psychopathology (LPSP1202)
  • Assessment and intervention within individual therapy (LPSYS2730)